Almuelle 7.jpg


When I began this series, I was affected by the significance and probable implications of the political situation. Many questions started to come as the work emerged. Questions created more questions in my attempt to answer them. 
"Seven", which is the first of the series expresses that state of mind. I have included Spices and Salt as the subtext within the piece. Spice as an undercurrent narrative of human immigration, trade, and value. And Salt as a form of currency and power but it is also a fundamental part of the human body. Salt created the foundation of civilization and with it commerce. The paradox is that commerce commodifies life itself, a prevalent and entrenched aspect of society. 
Each of these human-shaped figures are pierced, revealing the interior space through orifices and openings as manifesting the permeable nature of the self. A self that is not solid, fixed or contained. 
The is also the allusion of story telling in the "1001" installation piece. It brings again the "orifice" as part of the piece itself. The existent multiple holes on the brick walls of the gallery are connected by red thread to the needles. It is the "eye" of a needle that makes the needle. 
Visible and invisible, certainty and uncertainty, power and need. It is in between this tension we reside.